Stringbike Cross 18.5" BLK Magura Brake

Stringbike Cross 18.5" BLK Magura Brake
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Stringbike Cross 18.5" BLK Magura Brake

Stringbike is pioneering a revolutionary way of getting bikes into motion, completely doing away with conventional chains, derailleurs, gear shift mechanisms and related parts.
The heart and soul of the Stringbike uses a uniquely innovative technology: strong, durable and extremely flexible ropes and accompanying drive-train. Similar ropes are used in fitness training for raising weights and in heavy-duty sailing equipment.

Silky smooth and almost silent riding experience
Less maintenance, fewer parts to malfunction, long-lasting high efficiency
No loose, broken, lost or rattling chains
No lubrication, oil, rust or dirty hands – clean bike, clean hands, clean clothes, clean environment
No chance of derailleurs going wrong and needing servicing
No costly chain and drive-system maintenance
Fewer bike parts exposed to possible damage while riding
Noticeably easier to climb uphill than with conventional bikes thanks to special riding characteristics of the drive
Almost continuous shifting through 19 gears, easily controlled by a single handle grip
Quick and easy removal of the rear wheel makes fixing flat tyres clean and hassle-free

Revolutionary string drive increases efficiency
19 speeds can be shifted while pedaling or while stationary
No chain means less mess and quieter rides
Magura hydraulic brakes provide consistent braking power
Springs in rear hub assists riders pedaling


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